White Label
Our White Label option a ready-to-go co-branded or white-labelled template solution gives site visitors easy way to plan their travel bookings using your website, while seeing your own branded name and your customized website design as per your requirements. Ever since we’ve launched our flagship cloud based www.valuqe.com SaaS (Software as a Service) our prospective clients are enquiring us about what type of application is suitable for their business needs. What’s the difference between a SaaS (Valuqe) offering and an independent website (or Valuqe enterprise edition). With this article, which is a simplified enough to make it easier to understand even by the non-technology background clients, we are trying to help our client in decision making process .

Read on to understand the differences and make a decision based on your understanding. In case you still need some assistance feel free to get in touch with our support.
Cloud SaaS Valuqe
In plain English Cloud SaaS is a new delivery model which is centrally hosted by the service provider and operates on monthly, annual or some fixed interval subscription basis. It’s a standard service that has very limited scope for customization. Here you don’t own the source code or database. You can’t host it with the provider of your choice as the hosting responsibility lies with the service provider. Most of the SaaS follow multi-tenant architecture i.e. 100s of client can access the service which has a single codebase and may be a single database.

Valuqe’s White label Travel Portal is a single click solution for travel agents willing to show Bus, Flight, Hotel, car, Holiday Packages into their websites. The clients can gain the multiple inventory sources for their bookings conveniently. Dynamic packages can be accessed instantly with greater levels of convenience.
What we get in whitelabel?
Valuqe white label solution enables:
  • The clients with global inventory of 850+ GDS and 225 LCC Airlines, 12 New Distribution Capability (NDC) Airlines, 700,000 Hotel Properties across global market, 147,000 Car Rental Inventory, CMS Holiday Packages
  • Multi-currency and, multiple languages so be partnered with the Valuqe white label solution to enhance your global travel, services with ease and trust worthy support.
  • B2C Business to Consumer, B2B Business to Business, B2E, Business Corporate, B2B2B Business to Business to Business Quick payment gateway integration for accepting online payments.
How can I launch my own white label travel portal?
  • Registration: The registration process takes less time, pay the setup cost and get agreed with our sales team.
  • Select your own branded Domain: It’s very easy to connect our White Label platform to your selected domain by mapping CName record to our URL, but our technical support is always here to help out, if needed.
  • Set up White Label: Simply select a theme from 100’s of themes available with us, if not you can design your own HTML page and host at your own space.
  • Select Payment Gateway: Choose any one of the selected payment gateway available with Valuqe. This makes your users to visit your website and book the tickets online.
  • Note: White Label won’t work on the search engine crawlers (except the main home page or customized pages which designed by the user). If you are planning to do the search engine marketing of your whitelabel site, make an SEO-URL friendly website and include the Search Panel wherever you ever need. Then put White Label on a main domain or subdomain, where airlines, hotels or car rentals ticket search results will be booked. Knowledge of basic HTML and CSS is required.
Feature of Cloud Travel Portal:
  • Business to Customers-Users and Guest
  • Business to Business- Agents and Distributors
  • No need for GDS or LCC connection or paying huge deposits
  • No GDS or LCC API required
  • Works with Flights, Hotels, Bus, Insurance, Tours and Payment Gateway *
  • Go online in only 2 weeks’ time!
  • Manage your sub agents using B2B module
  • Dynamic roles for office administration
  • Online and Offline bookings
  • Admin Management
  • Deposit Management System
  • Commission Management System
  • Dashboard Management
  • Booking and Cancellation Reports for all services
  • Ledger statement log
  • Assigning mark-up and convenience fee
  • Sales and Commission reports
  • Reports by filtering
  • date/service wise Pax Report
  • Manage Dynamic Pages
  • Promo code Management
  • Notifications and offers
  • Enquires/Feedback
  • Advertisement Boards
  • Increase or Decrease your mark ups as & when required.
  • Control panel to track your bookings and Customer details through the website
  • Separate package uploading panel.
  • Mark-up and Convenience
Valuqe provides an enterprise software solution tailored for Destination Management Companies. We provide a comprehensive set of easily customisable business rules that adapt to the way you run your business. We offer support throughout the process cycle, right from sales to operations to staffing and accounting. This centralized management simplifies processes and increases productivity. Our DMC software solution gives you the ability to manage accommodation, visas, holiday packages, tours & activities, car rentals and transfers along with miscellaneous and offline services. You can sell to both travel agents and/or end customers at different prices depending on your business requirements.

Valuqe lets you manage different services and also gives you an overview of all items you are managing for a group. This allows you to easily define and calculate selling prices, in case you want to round off the selling price or add a margin. It will also help you create a beautiful itinerary with product descriptions and pictures making your quotations and vouchers more professional. You can create and email rooming and transfers list, check travel product availability and send instant confirmations on supplier requests directly from the system saving your time and efforts. Our DMC software solution will help you find out your best-selling travel agents, so you can offer higher commission and incentives to encourage more sales. Our wide variety of Business Intelligence reports gives you information on the predefined margin as well as the real margin for the profit.

Our DMC software solution is designed to be robust and secure. You will have the ability to assign different security roles and control access to sensitive information. We have developed our system in tight cooperation with the travel industry to evolve the core requirements and technology a DMC needs to function efficiently.

We provide detailed Business Intelligence Analytics and Reports to give you a deep insight into how your business is running and allow you to project and devise a plan to increase your business.

Centralised management, multiple services and XML distribution; all through a single window!
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