What is NDC and Why is it Needed

NDC is not just a message standard, it is about becoming an Airline Retailer Looking past the implementation of the new message format to improve communications between airlines, and the industry, the spirit of NDC is well captured in IATA’s slogan – “Together, Let’s Build Airline Retailing“.
Ways to Recognise Your Employees

Good workers thrive at work once they recognize their contributions have which means. Letting the employees know the ways in which their work matters to us, the employee engagement Team at Malverner Creative and its Holding companies like Valuqe, Technology keeps the employees engaged and excited about their work.
Investing in women, investing in success

We believe that attracting, developing and holding a various women is vital to refuelling the innovation and growth of the longer term. That's why we're redefining opportunities that encourage girls to bring new ideas, talent and contributions to our workplace every day.
Reasons To Develop Travel Portal websites and Mobile Applications

In recent years travel and tourism industry have ameliorated itself at an astronomical rate. Advancement in technology has played a major role in providing this industry with a golden pedestal. According to the latest trends, approximately 80 % of the total population reach out to their smartphones to plot their vacations and tours.
How Social Media Helps Your Travel Business?

The Internet has completely changed the fundaments of tour planning and plotting. A huge chunk of the world population reaches out to their smartphones to search for destinations and plan their tour. Whether it is a business tour or a leisure vacation,
Metasearch-Threat or Opportunity for Travel Suppliers?

Planning a business tour or fun vacation with your loved ones, what thing strikes first for the plotting? 90 % of the world’s population thinks of the Internet. It is the most common medium to reach out to acquire information about different things and request different services.

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